Formative Assessment

The SSC staff use formative assessment everyday to ensure that your child’s needs are being met. This is carried out by talking to them, observing them and marking their work. This form of assessment allows us to move your children on as quickly as possible and deal with any misconceptions that may have occurred.

Summative Assessment

We carry out a variety of summative assessment each term to monitor your child progress.

British Picture Vocabulary Scale (BPVS):

This is a picture test that measures the extent of your child English vocabulary acquisition.




Salford reading test:

This assesses your child’s oral reading ability by asking them to read a series of sentences that get progressively harder.




Youngs spelling test:

This tests your child’s ability to spell words. It gets progressively harder as you work through it.




Renfrew word finding vocabulary test:Refrew Word

This tests your child’s expressive picture vocabulary. It asks them to name objects in order of difficultly.



Renfrew action picture text:Renfrew Picture

Your child is asked to describe a picture in a single sentence. It assesses length and complexity of spoken sentence structure.